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Who visits Soul Surf?

He's an easy going, 30 to 60 year old guy who loves his family, and values his friends. His mates keep him sane and down to earth, and the before or after surf coffee meet up is a regular ritual. Having more time to surf is what he often dreams about. He appreciates good quality and style, and he can easily afford it. Surf history is a keen interest, and old school surfing is his passion. He lives in the coastal regions of Australia with the beach and ocean playing a major part of his lifestyle and social interaction. He often crosses the line between 'weekend' and 'serious' surfer, and doesn't mind setting the occasional performance improvement goal when it comes to surfing. He also doesn't mind a bit of luxury in his life, knowing good quality when he sees it. Holidays always offer a chance to have fun in the sun, and he knows all the airlines that let him carry a board.

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Graphic Design service is also available


Soul Surf has over 28,000 visits to the site per month and 19,750 of these are unique visitors.

70% of visitors are unique and 30% of visitors are returning.

Soul Surf sends out fortnightly direct email marketing to their database.


What's the deal?

Your banner ad is placed on the front page of our website, in the area on the right, in between the 'Join the VIP Club' and our Facebook plug in.

Your ad has exclusive use of the space, which means it will be the only ad on the entire website, so you're not competing for attention with anyone else.

Your ad appears for a period of time nominated by you - either one week or three weeks.

If you choose a three week package, you can also change the ad each week.

Your ad is also placed once in one of our direct email marketings, in a static form, with a link to your website.

We provide you with a weekly report on how many click throughs your ad receives.

All advertising should be relevant to our website and suit our customer profile, and we reserve the right to have the final say on suitability.


How much?

One week on our website + one appearance in our marketing email  $55 
Three weeks on our website (same ad each week) + one appearance in our marketing email $150 
Three weeks on our website (different ad each week) + one appearance in our marketing email    $165 
Graphic Design of a Static ad (if needed)  $95 
Graphic Design of an Animated ad (if needed) $135 
Graphic Design of both a Static ad + an Animated ad (if needed)  $150 

Please note: if you wish to advertise for more than three weeks, simply add $35 per week to the three week rate, for a maximum of up to eight weeks in total. Please feel welcome to discuss with us anything outside of what is listed here.


Design specifications:

All ads are 300px wide by 250px high


Easy! :)


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