Surf Memorabilia

Every now and then, we come across some memorabilia that is truly unique. These items that have been sold showcase the history, people and places of a truly magical time when surfing was thrown into the spotlight, producing legends and a lifestyle that has been entrenched into our lives ...


Butterfly Fin

Butterfly Fin from the 80's. Dale Velzy invented the Velzy V-fin in 1951 to hold the tail of his board in hollow waves at El Porto and the shorebreak of Manhattan Beach. The fin was very successful in performance and was found to be an excellent noseriding fin as well. The exception was that making the fins of wood and even fiberglass in those days presented a number of problems. Something was always breaking, or the fins made from fiberglass were expensive to make and to glass on a board. Fin boxes changed all of that, allowing Velzy to work with V-fins of fiberglass, plastic and nylon with good success, and to offer the fins on limited basis to his friends and local surfers in Southern California and Hawaii. And, those who have tried them really like 'em.

This is what Skip Frye had to say about the fin - "It just made the board plane so great. Absolutely great! Not too high and not too low, just right. And the board noserides perfect with this fin! And the turns, were like, whooop (radical hand motion), it just spun on a dime. I did a cutback that was one of the best I've ever done. I put it on one of my favorite egg boards, and two of my other boards, and they're the best they've ever ridden. I can't say enough good about this fin. Super noseriding, super turning, it's got it all" (courtesy of

Height of fin 5". Width at base of fin 5¾"

Sold September 2012

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Price: $45.00


Butterfly FinButterfly FinButterfly FinButterfly FinButterfly Fin
Butterfly Fin