Here at Soul Surf, we are always on the look out for true collector's surfboards and memorabilia, so if you have any of the following vintage or retro surfboards or items that you may be interested in selling, please contact us. We have a database full of collector's that just may be interested. We also have collectors looking for very specific boards. For full details on how it all works, please see the Selling area.

WANTED: Simon Anderson 1st Generation, shaped by Simon or Scott Beggs. Will pay top dollar.

WANTED: Any boards, Balsa's, Toothpicks etc from the 40's and 50's era

WANTED: The following boards from the 60's era, preferably over 9ft - Balsa's, Scott Dillon, Shane, Gordon Woods, Farrelly, Hayden, Keyo, Barry Bennett, Greg Noll, Bing, Weber Performer, David Nuuhiwa, Hobie, Bill Wallace, Dale, George Rice

WANTED: Midget Farrelly stringerless nose rider with concave under the nose

WANTED: The following boards from the 70's and 80's era - Scott Dillon, Shane, Gordon Woods, Farrelly, Hayden and Michael Peterson

WANTED: Keyo’s 70's era surfboards, single fins, in any condition

WANTED: MR Twin or Single fin, original, in great condition

WANTED: Surfa Sam Skateboards, in any condition

WANTED: Any Surf Movie  Posters from the 1960's and early 70's, especially Australian venues

WANTED: Bob McTavish Blue Bird, vintage surfboard, pintail single fin, 1972 to 1976 era

WANTED: Jack Eden prints in good condition - must be the real Jack Eden numbered limited edition prints - no rip off copies

WANTED: McCoy Lazor Zap late 70s early 80s

WANTED: boards from the 70's and 80's from Mark Richards, Simon Anderson, Hot Stuff Bartholomew, Shuan Thomson, Pipedream, Nat Young, Town & Country, Hot Buttered or any other notable boards from that period


If you're not sure that what you have is a collectable item, please contact us


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