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Surfboard Grip Pads for the Win!

Surfing Australia’s coast is an experience like no other, with beautiful pristine water and awesome swells. If conquering those majestic waves is your goal, you need the right gear. Enter surfboard grip pads and traction pads.

How Does a Surfboard Grip Pad or Traction Pad Work?

Picture this: You’re ready to capture the perfect wave but suddenly find yourself slipping off the board. That’s where surfboard grip pads come into play. These foam attachments provide the traction you need to stay firmly planted, preventing those unwanted and embarrassing wipe-outs.

So, what’s the difference? Traction pads for surfboards, a close cousin to grip pads, offer an extra layer of control. They help with traction but also provide a grip pad that aids in placing your back foot precisely where it needs to be. Used efficiently, they’re the ultimate secret weapon out on the water.

Are Grip Pads Essential?

It depends on how you define essential. Would you rather focus on your technique or be worried about staying on your board? Using the correct surfboard grip pads gives you that added edge and helps you properly tackle the tides.