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Island Fin Design – Islander Fin 9.5″ Aloha Block White 2 Colour


Islander Fin 9.5″ Aloha White handmade from Hawaii.

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Island Fin Design, handmade in Hawaii. The ultimate surfing accessory for your surfboard. A popular single fin choice, the Islander is favoured for it’s all around performance capabilities. It keeps your speed and responds on the fly.

Because this is a fabric with flowers printed on it at random, no two fins are alike, and foliage vs flowers will vary depending on where the fin is cut from the panel.

– Islander Dolphin Fin
– 9.5″
– Matte finish
– 1 screw + plate included
– Handmade since 1979, North Shore, Oahu


Each fin is handmade on the North Shore of Oahu, where master craftsman and surfer, Steve Mock, has been making them since 1979. He believes in making things the right way, quality craftsmanship and taking a classic approach to templates, colours and prints. Each fin is unique, with no two fins looking exactly the same.