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Midget Farrelly Skateboard 1965

Midget Farrelly Skateboard 1965. See below for full description.

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This Midget Farrelly 1965 Skateboard is the ultimate collector’s piece! Deck is 100% original and in good condition. Extremely rare to find one with such a clear logo. 3 out of the 4 wheels spin unbelievably well. Manufactured by Surf Skate Co at Narrabeen, Sydney, Australia. There is a mark on the deck from an old sticker. Has the usual marks and scratches in the wood from being enjoyed. There is a crack in the wood in the nose area of the deck that also runs about 2cm along the bottom. With a little clean up, it will look amazing. 64½cm x 14cm x 8½cm

Sold April 2015