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Queenie Wahine Little Surfer Girl


Kids Queenie Wahine Little Surfer Girl book

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“Queenie Wahine, Little Surfer Girl” is an action sports children’s book whose message is to empower not just girls but all children to choose bravery, not perfection. The story features a surfing family who encourage their daughter to surf for the first time. In order to catch a wave the little surfer girl, Queenie Wahine, learns to overcome her fear of failure and of trying something new.

Written for early readers, “Queenie Wahine, Little Surfer Girl” features full colour, full page, hand painted watercolor illustrations and is an 8″ x 11″ in hardcover book printed on heavy paper stock.

“Tribe of Daughters” are an independent publishing company producing children’s literature that features girls as the main character learning action adventure sports. The books focus on plots that are relatable to young female athletes and showcase the strength that women bring to sports. Their mission is to share women in sports with children at a young age. This normalizes women as athletes and protects girls against the societal pressures that contributes to them dropping out of sports in middle and high school.

Books are portable, they’re part of our bedtime routine, and they provide kids with an opportunity to explore the world. They have so much power because they’re tangible, tactile, and stimulate all of our senses, more than an app or tv ever could. We engage kids through books. You can touch it, hear it, and even smell the paper. That’s why when Tribe of Daughters selected the paper for Queenie Wahine and Little Millie Ford, they chose a heavy paper stock not only for durability but also to accentuate the sensory experience that children associate when snuggled up with a good book. Top quality hard cover, beautifully written and illustrated, it will be a book that is treasured for many years.