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Our Story


We first started the Soul Surf website back in 2005 when Seb’s passion for surfing and vintage surfboards became an idea to connect sellers and buyers, keeping the incredible history of surfing alive.

Since then, we have grown authentically, first operating out of our home garage, then moving to a tiny warehouse, then a slightly bigger warehouse, then in 2012 into an even bigger warehouse. Then in January 2016, we took the leap of faith, quit our ‘real’ jobs, and opened our current retail store in Mona Vale, on Sydney’s northern beaches. It’s been a long journey, and one of passion. It’s hard to believe that it has been over 15 years now. Contrary to what some people perceive, we are a tiny business, still to this day with no staff. Just the two of us, doing what we love.

We have now grown into something truly unique, with connections to collectors and surfers all over the world.


Vintage surfboards, surfing memorabilia and all things surfing are our passion. Our vision is to keep the true soul of surfing alive. Here at Soul Surf, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service through our enthusiasm, experience and knowledge.

With Seb having over 40 years of experience as a surfer, and many years of experience matching the right board to each person, he can definitely help you out. Seb is known for ensuring he doesn’t just sell a surfboard for the sake of moving stock … he would rather lose a sale than see someone on the wrong board that they are not going to enjoy. Experiencing the stoke of surfing is what it’s all about, and ensuring you get the right board is key.



We have a huge variety of surfboards for sale, including vintage surfboards, 70’s and 80’s retro boards, replicas, longboards, shortboards, fish’s, second hand surfboards, as well as our range of Soul Surf Designs and Hoku surfboards, which can also be custom made. All of our brand of surfboards are made right here, locally, in Mona Vale. We also have a select range of surf clothing, though you won’t find any of the mega clothing brands in our store. We like to support the little guys. Surfing accessories, hardware and beach homewares are also available, as well as some unique surfing memorabilia including vintage surfing magazines and posters. We can also search for a particular board or piece of memorabilia for you.

"Experiencing the stoke of surfing is what it’s all about, and ensuring you get the right board is key”