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All second-hand items on this site are sold on consignment only.

Wanted on consignment:

second hand longboards, in good condition, not previously snapped

vintage surfboards in excellent condition up to 1969

retro surfboards in excellent condition up to mid 1980s


Take the risk out of your result! If you’re wondering why you would use our services …
⤑  We have a dedicated following of genuinely interested surfboard and surfing memorabilia collectors, with a large database of collectors who receive regular updates from us.
⤑  We receive on average 7,000 visits to our site per week. Your items are targeted directly to a dedicated audience of genuine buyers.
⤑  We have a large social media following, and often run promotions and advertisements through these sources.
⤑  We have sponsored team riders who regularly compete in the longboard circuit, helping to promote Soul Surf.
⤑  Unlike people who sell on the many auction sites and Facebook pages available today, we are a licenced second-hand dealer and have been since 2005, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a trusted business. Us being a licensed dealer equals full protection for you!
⤑  We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the right price, and we’ve been doing it for over 16 years.
⤑  Our premises are fully insured, so your items are in safe hands.
⤑  You won’t have to deal with tyre kickers, people hassling you and offering you less than the true value, no-shows, or dealing with the packing and sending once sold … we do all of this for you.
⤑  When you sell on consignment, you end up with the best price in your hand, rather than us buying the item up front for a lower price.


We do not buy surfboards or memorabilia. We sell on consignment only. Our aim here at Soul Surf is to keep the true soul of surfing alive, so we would love to help you make sure your item goes to someone who truly appreciates it, and for the right price.

We must see the item in person to value it correctly. Please keep in mind that not all old boards and memorabilia are considered collectable and/or valuable, so best to check with us first. We do not value surfboards or memorabilia via email or photos. We can however view photos to recommend whether or not it is worthwhile getting us to sell it for you. PLEASE REMOVE ALL WAX AND CLEAN THE BOARD UP FIRST. PLEASE ALSO ENSURE ALL FINS ARE WITH ANY SECOND-HAND BOARD. They are hard to sell without fins – it’s like buying a car with no wheels.

As a requirement of our second-hand dealers licence, we must hold all items in our secure premises. This is also to enable an accurate valuation, and because most buyers will either prefer to see the item in person, or they phone us asking us for a detailed description (which we can only give if the item is in front of us). If you live interstate, we can organise freight of your items to us, so please contact us to discuss. Our premises are fully insured, so you’re in good hands.

Please note, we are happy to sell your items on consignment, as long as we are the exclusive selling agent. If we see your board also listed on any of the auction sites or other social media pages for sale, we will remove your item/s from our website, and request that you come and collect them from our store. If you choose instead to place your item up for sale on one of the many auction sites, if it does not sell, we will not accept the item and place it up for sale on our site for approximately 6 months. Once an item has been passed in or pulled down on one of those sites, if it then comes to us, our experience has shown that offers will always come in much lower than it’s true value. Even though a lot of collector’s choose not to purchase through auctions sites, they do still keep an eye on what’s around.

As part of our second-hand dealers licence, it is a requirement of the NSW Police Department that we get some details from you for anything second-hand that we sell. If you wish to save time filling in the paper work when you bring your item in, just email us and we can send you the form to fill out and bring with you. (Please see below for further details on our second-hand dealers licence).

For any further questions in regards to selling your item/s, please email us.


We list your item free of charge, and give you free marketing. Commission is payable once the item is sold. Commission is a flat fee of $70 for anything sold up to $365 or 20% of the sold price for anything sold for $365 or more.


We list your item free of charge, and give you free marketing. Commission is payable once the item is sold. Commission is a flat fee of $45 for anything sold up to $235 or 20% of the sold price for anything sold for $235 or more.


Please note that Soul Surf is registered as a licenced second-hand dealer through the NSW Department of Fair Trading, Licence No.2PS04518. If you wish to either purchase or sell on consignment any second-hand item through Soul Surf, we must, by law, obtain personal details from you for the sole purpose of record keeping for the NSW Police department. These personal details will not be used for any other purpose. If you wish to sell any second-hand item through Soul Surf, we require your full name, home address, phone number, drivers licence number and state of issue, and your date of birth. If you wish to purchase any second-hand item through Soul Surf, we require your full name, home address and phone number.


Just want a valuation? We are happy to value your surfboard or memorabilia item in person for a fee of $50. If you then also decide to use our services for selling your item, this $50 fee will be refunded to you once the item is sold. Please give us a call on 02 99996365. If the item is a surfboard, please ensure you remove all wax and clean the board up, and ensure all the fins are with the board. Sorry, but we do not value items for you to put on other auction sites, and we do not value items via email or photos.