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Buy a Surfboard Bag and Other Accessories

Surfing is not all about the waves. It’s a culture, community, and lifestyle. It’s carrying your sandy surfboards after catching a wave. It’s spending your Saturdays re-waxing in the sun. Being a surfer means keeping a surfboard bag, bike rack, and other storage and accessories on hand throughout the season.

Surfing Essentials for Surfers and Spectators

If you’re from a surfing family like us, you know how easy it is to spend an entire weekend on the water. Our diverse collection of beach towels and thongs will keep you comfortable on the sand. We also keep a range of beach umbrellas, hats, Carve sunglasses, and Sun Bum sunscreens to protect our surfers from the radiant Aussie sun.

Keep yourself and others safe on the waves with a soft surf helmet and surfboard leg rope that protects from injury in case of a wipe-out. And when it’s finally time to say goodbye to the setting sun, a surfboard bike rack will make your ride a whole lot easier after a day on the water.

Shop Surf Accessories Online

We offer door-to-door delivery for small surf accessories like surfboard fins and earplugs via Australian Post. Now you can order a new surfboard bag, extra surfboard wax, or a pair of neoprene water socks from the comfort of your home.