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Barry Bennett Tracker by Geoff McCoy

Barry Bennett Tracker by Geoff McCoy. See below for full description.

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Barry Bennett Tracker by Geoff McCoy, 1968, Stringerless. Between 1967 to 1969 Geoff McCoy shaped for Barry Bennett, and the first commercial fin boxes became available in Australia in 1968. This board is in great condition for it’s age – just the usual heel and knee marks on the deck, a few impressions on the bottom, a few surface marks that could possibly be buffed out, an old repair on the tail rail, and the tips of the tail need a tiny touch up. Red tint with Black pinstripe, and the White on the bottom has yellowed only slightly compared to other boards of this era – must have been stored away nicely for a long time. A very slight angle on the fin as it must have been leaning on the fin for a while. Has the initials and number “5065 G.Mc.” written on the bottom near the tail. Great piece to add to your collection, or take out for a ride. 8ft x 221/2” x 27/8

Sold June 2013