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Gordon Woods hand shaped hollow surfboard 2004

Gordon Woods hand shaped hollow surfboard 2004. See below for full description.

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Gordon Woods hand shaped hollow surfboard, 2004. In 1940 Dick Chapple made a Tom Blake design, and this board is a remake of that 1940 Dick Chapple board. Made with Cedar that Gordon got from Queensland. The quality and expert craftsmanship of this board is outstanding, with a gloss that shines like glass. This board is the third last board ever personally made by Gordon Woods. One of a kind and extremely collectable. This is a true investment piece and an incredible piece of history. 12ft x 211/2” x 31/2“.

Gordon Woods:

A highly regarded and historically significant Australian shaper, Gordon Woods was a major manufacturer who maintained a high standard and a quality stable of shapers from 1954 to 1974. Gordon Woods Surfboards shaped and/or manufactured through a massive range of designs and construction techniques.