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Landsurfa Surfer Sam Skateboard

Landsurfa Surfer Sam Skateboard. See below for full description.

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Landsurfa Surfa Sam Skateboard, 1965, made in Rose Bay . This skateboard is extremely rare, and has not been riden, being hiden away for over 50 years. You can see by the line still visible running down the centre of each wheel that they have not been used. This Surfa Sam also has two pin stripes which is extremely rare, as they usually had three pin stripes. The colour is rare as well, being a gun metal grey/blue. In amazing condition for it’s age. Has the original truck assembly that Landsurfa were using in the early 1960’s – a forged design that was riveted to a circle shaped metal plate. Although there is surface rust on the plate, you can see the writing “LAND SURFA WORLDWIDE PAT PEND”. Also has the orginal “LAND SURFA” embossed wheels that were used in the early 60’s (Landsurfa later changed the wheels of later models to Detroit Super Wheels). The board which is 231/2” long, is made from Tasmanian Oak, chosen for it’s strong close grain and it’s durable atributes. Nice clear graphics. In the photo on the bottom of the board, you can see a stripe running from the tail up – this is not a crack in the board as it appears to be in the photos, rather, it is a knot in the wood. Extremely collectable item, and an incredible piece of history to add to your collection.

Sold August 2014