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McTavish Surfboards, The Original by Bob McTavish. Has a three-stage rocker with increased tail lift also help you handle steeper drops ... you can get the weight back, and lift the nose up ... Wide hips just in-front of the side bites, gives a nice pivot point, Belly Channels up in the front third, to increase paddling speed Single concave up at the nose, helps channel water under the board, gives more lift when paddling into a wave, also makes it paddle faster, plus when standing up at the nose, a bit of concave is often good. Broom-stick diameter rails up at the nose, just the way Bob likes it. The usual heel and knee marks on the deck with a hand full of old school repairs around her (see photos). The bottom has some bump depressions and a few small stress marks. If you are looking for an inexpensive board, this one would suit you perfectly. Great all rounder board for beginners to advanced surfer.


9ft1" x 22¾” x 3⅛”

Sold 11 February 2020

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