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Midget Farrelly Junior 60’s Skateboard

Midget Farrelly Junior 60’s Skateboard. See below for full description.

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Midget Farrelly Junior 60’s Skateboard. All original and extremely rare. Timber deck with original trucks and red clay wheels, which spin unbelievably well. Manufactured by Surf Skate Co at Narrabeen, Sydney, Australia. The owner bought this skateboard in the mid 60’s. He lived in Cammeray at the time, and used it only for one Summer before moving to the UK where it has been in storage ever since. This skateboard is in amazing condition, and it is extremely rare to find a Midget Farrelly timber skateboard with such a clear logo. The skateboard has now found it’s way home after 50 years. Deck is 54cm x 14cm.

Sold January 2013