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Soul Surf Designs 8ft Christian Pimm Mid Length Performance


Soul Surf Designs 8ft Christian Pimm Mid Length performance model. This all Australian made surfboard gives you highly responsive performance, with quick, sharp turns, and speed down the line. Designed to excel, and take your performance longboarding to the next level. Top quality Dion blank with 2 x 6oz on the deck, and 1 x 6oz on the bottom.

All Australian made, using top quality FARRELLY SURFBLANKS.

55.77 L

8ft x 22" x 2⅞”

Input from Soul Surf team rider, Christian Pimm, was crucial in the design of this board. Having spent many years winning some of the most prominent longboard comps on the East coast, against some of the world’s best longboarders, Christian had the knowledge and experience to finely tune what he considers to be the ultimate performance mini mal. As a Soul Surf team rider since pretty much day one, Christian would not have his name on the board if it didn’t perform to his expectations. Click here for more info on Christian.

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