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Soul Surf Designs Barney Log Noserider 9ft6" Refined Model 2021


Soul Surf Designs Barney Log Noserider. This all Australian made, top quality longboard, is clear with an extra volan glass diamond patch on the deck and bottom tail area. Easy to paddle, great on the nose and excellent to turn. New model with slightly pinched rails and pulled in square tail. Extra inch tail lift like the David Nuuhiwa Noseriders from the 60’s. Suitable for the Log Division of any Longboard comps, as this board passes all of the criteria, including soft rails – no sharp edges. Comes with glass fin.

78 L

9ft6" x 23" x 3"

Started in the late 60s by the legend himself, Midget Farrelly, an icon in Australian surfing history and winner of 1964 first World Surfboard Championships at Manly Beach. Midget’s first passion was surfboard making (from age 14) but he recognised the reality of having to become a foam maker in 1968 as he watched long established brands go out of the industry with huge blank and material bills they could not support, so he started making blanks in order to break a local monopoly that was strangling the surfboard industry. Our 50 years later, his top quality blanks live on, and we wouldn’t choose anything less.

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