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Soul Surf Designs Log Noserider Custom

Soul Surf Designs Log Noserider, new surfboard. See below for full description.

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Soul Surf Designs Noserider. This particular log was custom made for one of our team riders, Christian Pimm. Easy to paddle, great on the nose, excellent board to turn, curved deck with 50/50 rails, pulled in rounded tail, 15mm stringer and Volane Glass. From the tip of the nose running 29 inches down it is concaved, then flattens out, then there is an extra inch tail lift like the David Nuuhiwa Noseriders from the 60’s. Suitable for the Log Division of any Longboard comps, as this board passes all of the criteria, including soft rails – no sharp edges. All Australian Made. Christian took it out for the very first time at the Curly Maljam Pro 2013 and was stoked. 9ft4″ x 23″ x 3″

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