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Surf Guide Vol.1 No.7 1963

Surf Guide Vol.1 No.7 1963. See below for full description.

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Surf Guide Vol.1 No.7 October 1963 Magazine. The volume number was misprinted to say “11” but it is actually Volume 1. A few creases and marks on the cover, but still great condition for a mag of this age. American surfing magazine, containing 48 pages of some incredible surfing history, stories and photographs. This issue features an interview with Mickey Dora, an article on the “Surfing Fad” of 1963, commentary on the San Clemente Surf comp of ’63, and “Surfing Down Under” article on Fairy Bower and The Gardens (between Nth Narra and Collaroy). Some amazing historical pics in this one! 211/2cm x 271/2cm

Sold August 2013