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Womens Swimwear - Maaji Blue Print Bluejay Jannine Reversible Bikini Bottom


Womens swimwear - Maaji blue print Bluejay Jannine midrise classic cheeky reversible bikini bottom. Jannine is a mix between a double V bottom and a high rise bottom. This bikini bottom provides comfort and style for the waves.

Bottom only. Pair it perfectly with Maaji blue print Bluejay Paradise reversible 4 Way longline triangle bikini top, with sizing up to DD Cup.

Click here to see size chart.

- This is a reversible piece, turn it inside out for another look
- Mid rise
- Classic cheeky coverage
- Made in Colombia


Maaji suits are constructed in a magical way that gives each fanciful garment an incredible, comfortable and enchanting fit. The seams and stitching mysteriously disappear through the creative inventiveness of Maaji’s expert designers and manufacturers, leaving all of the details that give you one of a kind, handcrafted piece of art. This technique is uniquely flattering, giving just the right amount of support without leaving marks or indentations on the skin. Since most Maaji suits are reversible, each style endows an endless amount of possibilities.

Being real mermaids and earth warriors, Maaji pride themselves on giving back and reducing waste. Earth warriors know that good planets are hard to find. To date, they have planted over 120,000 native trees, protected 10 spring water sources, rebuilt habitats for many endangered species, and led 10 beach clean ups around the world. Maaji also reduce waste by ensuring that each and every piece of fabric is used, including lining of some of their swimwear, and creating and designing new beach gear.

#realmermaids #earthwarrior

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