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Custom Made

We have been mucking around with designs for the past 7 years, watching performance, and listening to opinions from riders. Our shapes are top performers and our clients come back time and time again when they want a new board. All of our boards are top quality, made right here in Australia, using quality Dion and Farrelly materials. You can have traditional white, colour, or we can even organise a Martin Worthington Spray for you. We keep a few favourite sizes and shapes in stock, but if you have particular dimensions in mind, we can help you out. Custom prices for clear white start at $575 for Shortboards, $575 for Fishs, $575 for Mini Mals and $1,050 for Longboards. The legendary Martyn Worthington does our colour sprays. Custom colours generally range from $80 to $200. Custom spray murals start at $250. You can also do your own colour design with your Posca paint pens on your custom board, and we will then finish coat it. Check out some of our custom boards below. Click on the 'Contact' tab above right to chat about your custom board.